Where do I find information on upcoming projects?

  1. Jacksonville Jaycees Facebook Group: We are pretty active and add our projects to the group regularly @JacksonvillJaycees

  2. Monthly Members Meeting: This is where we present new projects, review current projects and recap projects.

I have a great idea for a project, who do I contact to get it started?

  1. Social gatherings and fun stuff –

  2. Community service ideas -

  3. Learning something new -

  4. Fundraising idea for the chapter -

What do I need for the Monthly Members Meeting?

  1. PMGs (Project Management Guide) if you are running a project. If you are asking for over $300 from the chapter, you need to bring a PMG to present to the chapter. 

  2. Your attention: It is easy, especially at the end to quit paying attention. But pay attention!

  3. The Agenda: Grab one when you come in. It has the schedule for the evening and important information on it.

What projects are the Jacksonville Jaycees known for?

  1. Trail of Terror

  2. Adopt a Bark in the Park

  3. JOYPA

Are the Jacksonville Jaycees part of JCI?

  1. Yes! As a member of the Jacksonville Jaycees, you are also a member of JCI Florida (state level), and JCI USA (national level)

  2. JCI is now worldwide! 

I heard something about competitions, what are they?

  1. There are currently four different competition categories: Write-up, Speak-up, Debate, You're Hired

  2. Competitions happen at the Chapter, State, National, and International levels!

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